Who we are

The main purpose of the genuinely Czech company Dr Konrad is the development and production of innovative dermo-cosmetic products.

The products use the most modern natural antioxidants – Tocobiol® and StoppOx® or the unique natural antimicrobial substance Dermosoft® decalact liquid.

The products contain natural oils – Babassu, shea, almond, coconut, Jecoris aselli oil, vitamins – retinol, tocopherol, vitamin C and other proven natural dermatological substances – silver, zeolite, ichthammol, guaiazulene, aqua calcis, beeswax, calcium panthotenicum, avenanthramide and urea.

The company also focuses on modern galenic and application forms (e.g. cream paste, mechanical sprays without propellants, special nail lacquer).

All packaging material used is completely recyclable.